Less means more

Scandinavian style furniture from borcas

Our craftsmanship translates into designer furniture in a Scandinavian and minimalist style . They will add a unique character to your interior. First of all, you can count on a perfect fit to your needs thanks to the possibility of custom-made furniture personalization and configuration . We take care of every, even the smallest, detail. In addition, we use materials that come from local suppliers. Thanks to this, wooden furniture is attractively finished and extremely solid.

Wooden desks - minimalism and simplicity

If you want to create a home work corner or a practical dressing table, you will surely fall in love with the vogel S wooden desk. It is a combination of an oak top and drawer fronts with beech legs and a desk body. The whole creates a light and stable structure that is pleasing to the human eye. The offer also includes a variant with an extension, which is perfect as a functional accessory. Do you need a larger desk with drawers? No problem. See the vogel M wooden desk with as many as 2 practical drawers. Our offer also includes the largest desk size from the Vogel desk family.The vogel L wooden desk is perfect for people who need more space to work or study. We have several color variants, from which every user of any age will find something for themselves. Do you have your own idea for the color of the legs or the finish of the countertop? Contact us, we will meet your expectations and create your dream desk.

Scandinavian-style desks for modern interiors

The Skog Scandinavian desk is not only the choice of our customers, but also of leaders in the world of design. This piece of furniture received the Must Have award at the Łódź Design Festival 2017. No wonder, it is the embodiment of an original design and Scandinavian character. It is a combination of a veneered top and 6 steel legs. The Elg minimalist desk with a stable structure will also work well in any modern room. In turn, a Scandinavian fjord-style desk will fill every home work corner.

Scandinavian-style shelves not only for books

The sky shelf with shelves will decorate your interior and emphasize its Scandinavian character. It is distinguished by an optically simple design and comes in 3 sizes that you can freely configure. An additional storage space will be the Vind drawer module or Trygge cabinet, which you can open with one touch. A unique solution is the bakke triangle-shaped shelf. It impresses with its construction and solid workmanship. Or maybe you will installa minimalist slott shelfthat combines functionality with a natural look? Decide for yourself.

Oak dining table and coffee tables in good style

Do you want to organize a unique place for joint home meetings? Choose the north dining table, which is distinguished by an oak top and metal legs. We have no doubt that this is a perfect solution for the dining room or living room. On the other hand, if you are looking for a small coffee table, you will like the spill model. You can diversify this minimalist piece of furniture and choose the spill trio extendable table, which consists of three elements.

A designer chest of drawers and an office container to organize your space

A home office must have a designer chest of drawers in the Scandinavian style, Glomma, with solid steel legs. You can open each drawer in a simple way - with just one touch. You can also use it as a place to store small items in the bedroom. You can also create an organized space thanks to the havn office container with drawers. It is a designer and practical addition to the minimalist style desks in our offer. Do you need containers with a key lock? No problem, just let us know.

TV cabinet in Scandinavian style - a practical piece of furniture for the living room

Create an orderly space that looks incredibly natural. The Tromso oak TV cabinet was designed with a relaxation corner in mind. This is where you can place your TV and store the necessary equipment. Opening cabinets and delicate cutouts for wiring indicate additional functionality of the furniture.

Reindeer moss for the wall or as a personalized gift - hygrometer

A natural humidity meter in the form of a hygrometer or gate frame is an excellent way to quickly assess the air quality in your home. This practical addition will definitely liven up your interior. The lichen set in an oak frame will certainly attract the attention of your guests. If you are looking for an original gift for a loved one or a contractor - check out the minimalist hygrometer, which you can personalize and add an engraving or colorful UV print to the beech cube. The small gadget will look great on your desk as a paperweight.

Spot lamp with light regulation

The ogen hanging lamp will subtly emphasize the designer character of your room. The metal structure will work well in many arrangements. Movable lampshades are also a practical solution that allows you to easily change the mood in the interior. You decide on the direction of lighting and its intensity. It all depends on your well-being and how you want to spend time at home! And all this with just one pair of hands.

The Seville collection

The Seville collection is an endeavour whose main idea is to harmoniously combine design with traditional, artisanal work with wood. The juxtaposition of modern forms, bold lines, energetic colours and functional solutions with classic and timeless wood. determine the determinants of the entire collection. It is a fresh approach to interior design. The aim of the Seville collection was to stay true to the desire to fulfil everyday needs, but in a slightly different, new way. W each design of the furniture presented here intertwines boldness with classics, design with craftsmanship, functionality with decorativeness - harmony between each aspect is the message we we would like to offer you.

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Berlin collection

The Berlin collection consists of designs that stand out for their originality and unique design. Natural oak wood has been combined with bent metal to create forms with interesting shapes. This combination harmoniously harmonises with each other, creating furniture which you can easily arrange in any space. The Berlin collection combines avant-garde style with a response to the need for functional furniture. You no longer have to decide whether you are more interested in a designer interior or practical solutions, because with this furniture you get both. Plus, each design has been crafted with artisanal precision. Our aim is to create beautiful furniture based on traditional methods, but responding to contemporary needs and trends. We are pleased to introduce you to the Berlin collection - unique and distinctive, yet durable and multifunctional.

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Amsterdam. collection

The capital of the Netherlands is the inspiration for our latest collection. For many, Amsterdam is associated with the play of colors and this is also our collection. The proposed furniture is ideal for small spaces, and due to well thought out functionality can fulfill various functions. It all depends on your needs. “All in one” is the leitmotif of this collection. Simple lines and slender proportions will perfectly fit into the space creating a stylish interior. We are still faithful to natural materials. Also in Amsterdam you will find a piece of furniture made with attention to every detail, in rich colors.

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Oslo. collection

Oslo collection are simple connections based on the warmth of precious wood with cool metal. Each piece of furniture is characterized by its specific form and incredible attention to detail, which has already become a special mark of our brand. The use of invisible connections between wood and metal and the lack of ornaments, allowed to create furniture characterized by clean form and optically light appearance.

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