troost bedside cabinet offline

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legs: white matt paint (RAL 9003)


Wooden cabinet a functionality and style in your bedroom

Discover bedside cabinets for your bedroom

Bedside tables – practical design

Discover a bedside table that has a solid structure and a perfect finish. This combination will work in many interiors right next to the bed. The legs are made of solid beech, and their subtle slants give the bedside table a stylish character. Choose a shade that matches your room. The white bedside table looks great in bright, spacious interiors, e.g. in a Scandinavian and rustic style. In turn, gray and black legs match elegant and modern bedrooms. The table top is made of semi-matt natural oak, which naturally reflects light. The bedside table for the bedroom is a functional and at the same time incredibly beautiful piece of furniture.

Organization and storage with a bedside table

Bedside tables next to the bed play a very important role. First of all, you put your phone, book or hide cosmetics and jewelry in them. That is why a modern troost bedside table offers a lot of space. You will keep everything you need at your fingertips. The way of organizing things, however, is original and not obvious. In the bedside table for the bedroom you will find subtle lockers with lids, perfect for necklaces, rings or pens. On the lower shelf you will put your favorite books.

A cozy bedroom with a bedside table

Bedside tables should not have a random appearance. In fact, it is complementary to other furniture and accessories in your bedroom. This is why you should choose a troost bedside table that has a timeless look. It visually fits perfectly with a bedroom bed, a chest of drawers or a large wardrobe with wooden elements. At the same time, the cabinet adds a cozy character and introduces a pleasant atmosphere. This is due to the natural oak in bedside tables, which looks exceptional.

Troost oak cabinet – order, style and details

The bedroom is an oasis of rest and a place where you want to come back after a busy day. That is why we created a piece of furniture with the thought of putting down the phone, to calm down and relax. Our Troost bedside table is equipped with an additional pocket that blocks radiation and other types of frequencies. Why is it so important? More and more studies make it clear that keeping a phone too close to your head can affect your well-being and health. Thanks to the fact that you put the device in a dedicated pocket, you will not be distracted by sounds coming from your smartphone and you will remain offline.

You can sleep well and be sure that you are taking care of what is most important – your health.

The pocket is mounted on the back of the cabinet, so it does not disturb the original structure of the troost bedside table. One of the lockers has been widened and the other has been made smaller. How does a nightstand with a pocket work? It’s easy. All you have to do is put your phone in it and you will immediately lose the range no matter what brand of phone you are using. Acts as a Faraday cage where lapping signals are blocked. In addition, the bedside table has a lightweight design, is stylish and has plenty of space to store small items. You will love it for its functionality and designer look.

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“Excessive use of smartphones is a problem that we cannot overcome and we struggle with that all the time. As a result, the boundary between work and private life is often blurred even in the bedroom, where we should take care of silence and distraction from everyday duties. Hence the idea for designing a troost cabinet troost an offline version to help change bad habits related to these devices.“

Three color variants of the troost cabinet

You have at your disposal traditional white, Scandinavian gray and intense black. All this together with natural wood in a semi-gloss finish looks simply attractive.

A cabinet made of solid oak wood is not only a guarantee of timeless character, but also the strength and stability of the structure.

A functional piece of furniture for your bedroom

With the troost bedside cabinet, you can efficiently organize space for your favorite titles, but not only. The bottom shelf has a stop that prevents objects from falling out. Thanks to the bedside cabinet you will gain a stylish and unusual character of the bedroom. This is due to the construction, as well as the timeless materials of solid oak and beech wood. Particularly noteworthy is the craftsmanship of details, such as drawer handle or lockers. Attention to detail is a sign of borcas.

Technical information

troost bedside cabinet offline

project :
Agata Nowak

dimensions :
height: 572mm
width: 475mm
depth: 378mm

8 kg


cabinet shape:
natural oak, thickness 15 mm, half matt varnish

solid beech

color of legs:
water paint matt white / black / gray


time limit for completion:
4 – 6 weeks



5 – natural oak

leg finishing options

102 structural matte snow white color (RAL 9003)

101 structural matte black color (RAL 9004)

F119 grey matt paint (RAL 7038)