Cooperation with borcas

We love working with other people, which is why we are at your disposal. If you have any questions or just came up with a creative – contact us. We will definitely choose the perfect form of cooperation. Talk to Kinga, who will be happy to discuss every matter with you.

Write to us at: 
or call +48 503 897 064.

We look forward to hearing from you!


Showrooms are an ideal opportunity to admire the effects of our work. We want to present the furniture to customers in a real way, so that everyone can appreciate the minimalist style and precise finish. We are looking for places in Poland and abroad, providing our partner with all advertising materials. We provide templates, advertising brochures and graphic resources so thay can be used in social media or on the website. If you are the owner of a showroom in which you would like to put items of the borcas brand, we will be happy to discuss it. Call +48 503 897 064. We look forward to hearing from you!


We also have a unique offer forarchitectsordesigners. We provide our furniture in the form of a 3D (you will find here) model that can easily be used to visualize the interior of living rooms, bedrooms or offices. Due to the diversity of our products, we have the full package of information including the exact dimensions and variants to choose from. Have an idea for combining minimalism with your vision for the interior? Contact us.


Are you running ablogor profile on Instagram? We are interested in your opinion on our furniture. Regardless of whether it is a desk, bookshelf, table or accessories – we offer furniture for testing, and you prepare a reliable review. This is a great opportunity to learn about the effects of our work and test them in practice. Feel like an expert and conduct a test on our items from the offer.


We work with printed and electronicmediathat inspire and show beautiful interiors. Furniture made 100% by a Polish company combined with a minimalist style will delight many readers. We have arrangement photos and we still have new ideas for presenting our furniture. We will gladly talk about the details of the brand’s idea and the work we do.