Savia Small Table

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Tabletop color: 140. Cream

Tabletop color

Leg kolor: 05. Natural Oak

Leg kolor

Key Features

DURABILITY – Our furniture will serve you for years. Oak wood ensures a stable and sturdy construction. To ensure your comfort, we have utilized an innovative solution – a special protective film that effectively safeguards the tabletop.

DESIGN – The Savia table adds a bold statement to your interior. Energy, the original shape of the tabletop, an additional shelf, and an interesting color palette – these are elements that define a new perspective on interior design.

HANDMADE – We remain faithful to the art of crafting handmade furniture. Attention to detail and precision in execution are our hallmarks.

VERSATILITY – Our designed furniture combines aesthetics with practical solutions. The Savia table is not only a decorative addition but also fulfills its primary role.

Savia Small Table – An Extraordinary Addition to Your Home

The Savia Table is a unique addition to our 2024 collection, marking the beginning of the new Sewilla furniture collection. This project not only brings unique, handcrafted wooden furniture into your interior but also perfectly represents a style that harmoniously combines aesthetics with functionality. The Savia Small Table will become an integral part of the room you choose, where the need for practicality goes hand in hand with designer elegance. In this way, you can easily arrange a space that encourages learning, play, or relaxation.

Unique Form and Exceptional Utility in One Piece of Furniture

The wooden Savia table in a small size is a great way to complement any arrangement. This extraordinary side table that integrates functionality with a unique design will surprise you with its versatility. The classic square shape of the wooden table fits well in smaller spaces as well as complements larger areas. The modern design of the Savia Small Table combines practical solutions with aesthetics. The standout feature of this model is the designer tabletop, which captivates with its unique shape. The gently wavy lines defining the shape of the tabletop complement the legs made of oak rollers. Thanks to carefully chosen details and the use of oak wood, this extraordinary table not only fulfills its practical purpose but also brings energy and uniqueness to the Memphis style. The Savia Small Table is available in eight different color variants, significantly facilitating its arrangement in your chosen interior design. The wooden Savia table will fit perfectly into original Memphis-style arrangements and also work well in contemporary, eclectic, or even boho spaces. It's an excellent piece of furniture that will help you emphasize your individual taste and the character of your interior.

Shelf Under the Tabletop and Handmade Details – A Designer Side Table

The Savia Small Table is not just a designer piece of furniture for your interior but also a very useful side table. An additional shelf designed directly under the tabletop allows for organized storage of your favorite books or remote controls. Thanks to the shelf under the tabletop, you gain additional space, which is especially important in smaller apartments. The tabletop is made of durable, lacquered MDF. An additional advantage is the special protective film placed on the tabletop, which protects its surface from scratches and damage. This is a crucial element of our design - you no longer have to worry that arranging the Savia table in a child's room will lead to rapid wear and tear. The protective film also makes cleaning easier. The construction of the base and legs of the Savia table is handcrafted from natural oak wood. This solution ensures durability and stability. Details such as the beautiful decoration at the junction of the legs with the tabletop and the auxiliary shelf are also noteworthy. Handcrafted work at this stage makes the wooden Savia table a unique addition to your interior.

"The unique and original design of the Savia table from the Sewilla collection is a departure towards bringing additional energy to your interior. By breaking away from the common minimalism, we open ourselves to entirely new ways of experiencing the space. A classic wooden side table doesn't have to be dull. By introducing gently flowing lines that form delicate waves and combining them with an intriguing color palette, we put into your hands a piece of furniture that adds a unique charm and style to the arrangement you've envisioned."

Ewa Półtorak

Technical Specifications

Savia Small Table

Ewa Półtorak

Height: 550 mm
Width: 450 mm
Depth: 450 mm

10 kg


Lacquered MDF, top surface covered with scratch-resistant foil

Solid oak wood, 60 mm thickness

Cream / Pearl Yellow / Brown Red / Shady Grey / China Green Blue / Steel Blue Green / Mild Orange / Graphite Black / Natural Oak


standard production lead time:
4-6 weeks

DB Shenker 1-3 days
UPS 1-3 days
DPD Polska 1-3 days


140. Cream RAL 9001

141. Pearl Yellow RAL 070 70 40

142. Brown Red RAL 3011

143. Shady Grey RAL 200 60 05

144. China Green RAL 210 40 15

145. Steel Blue Grey RAL 250 40 15

146. Mild Orange RAL 060 80 30

147. Graphite Black RAL 9011

05. Natural Oak