elg desk

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wood: 51 - natural oak veneer


metal: 114 - creamy textured paint RAL 1013


What distinguishes the elg desk and why is it worth choosing?

Workmanship – solid and thoughtful. Thanks to the fact that the top is made of a wooden blockboard (approx. 30 mm) and the legs are made of steel, you can be sure that the entire structure is durable. Wood is a timeless material that you can easily renovate and refresh its appearance after a few years.

Scandinavian design – a combination of simplicity, minimalism and natural character is the showcase of the borcas brand. Geometric shapes will change the character of your interior, and materials such as wood and metal will work well in many arrangements.

Screwless connection – this is the key to the perfect finish of the elg desk. There are no protruding joints or unnecessary elements in the construction. The furniture goes into your hands without time-consuming assembly. All you need to do is unpack it from the carton and you can place it in the desired place.

Design and functional – the elg desk can be placed in a bedroom, children’s room or home office. Working with it is pure pleasure. You have a large tabletop at your disposal, so you can also use it to fulfill your interests with it.

FinTop notch finish – all our furniture is made as a result of craftwork. Thanks to this, we care for a perfect finish as well as a designer look. You can choose from many types of top finishing and the color of metal elements.

Scandinavian style desk elg - perfect office desks

Minimalistic design, oak top and attention to the smallest detail

Minimalist and beautiful elg desk

If you are a fan of stylish interior design, but you like minimalism, the elg desk will meet your expectations. The legs of the desk have an original shape and are made of solid steel bars. They give the entire structure a visual lightness and guarantee its stability. They support a wooden table top made of a blockboard veneered with natural oak. The combination of metal and real wood will change the character of your interior, not only a scandinavian one.

Perfect in every way

You can arrange the elg desk any way you like. Literally. From every angle, it simply looks perfect and does not lose its qualities. This is due to the natural oak and the screwless construction method. This is our own solution on that distinguishes us on the furniture market – to fully expose the beauty of our Scandinavian furniture. You receive the elg desk in a ready-made form for arranging a flat or a house. All you have to do is take them out of the packaging.

Timeless wooden desk in a Scandinavian style

It must be admitted that wood is a natural and timeless material. That is why it is perfect for both the office and home rooms. The elg desk is not only a functional piece of furniture that will allow you to work comfortably, but also a decorative element for the entire interior. You can easily renovate the wooden table top and enjoy its durability for years to come. The visible rings emphasize what is beautiful in it. At the same time, you can be sure that no one has an identical piece of furniture in their home. The whole structure is carefully thought out – simple, but stunning and unique.

they write about the elg desk

Kasia Bobocińska

“How much color changes and careful selection of materials. The lighter, more subtle design means that we are dealing with completely different furniture. They are far from industrial style. This is pure Scandinavian style.“


Technical information

desk elg

project :
Kinga Smardz-Gawłowska

dimensions :
height: 750 mm
width: 1200 mm
depth: 650 mm



naturaloak veneer,thickness30 mm,mattvarnish/oil

filled rod

RAL 1013 powder coated


time limit for completion:
4-6 weeks



51 – natural oak veneer

65 – ash veneer

67 – bleached oak veneer

53 - black oak veneer

leg and body finishing options

101 structural matte black color (RAL 9004)

102 structural matte snow white color (RAL 9003)

114 structural matte cream color (RAL 1013)