fjord desk

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wood: 51 - natural oak veneer


metal: 114 - creamy textured paint RAL 1013


fjord desk

Minimalism of the Nordic landscape. The quintessence of Scandinavian functionality brought out by metal, steep branching and natural oak veneer.

Just as glacial fiord hits the land, Fjord’s metal construction sensitively intermingles with the wooden tabletop, giving durableness and stability. Perfection of each detail can be portrayed by the excellent combination of wood and metal. Smooth intergradation of materials is the embodiment of Fjord desk’s glacial rawness, which perfectly polished surface creates an absolute piece of art. It brings peace and aids concentration during work, in opposition to home space – it entirely enliven it with a light oak tabletop.

Minimalist desk fjord - Scandinavian style in your interiors

Minimalistic form, simple construction, perfect workmanship

they write about the fjord desk

Kasia Bobocińska

“I can guarantee you that this lightweight design would also go well with the retro style. It is worth paying attention to every detail, because it is of great importance. This is carefully crafted, refined furniture for true connoisseurs of the Scandinavian style.”

Technical information

fjord desk

Kinga Smardz-Gawłowska

height: 770 mm
width: 1200 mm
depth: 650 mm



naturaloak veneer,thickness30 mm,mattvarnish/oil

filled rod

RAL 1013powder coated


time limit for completion:4 – 6 weeks



51 – natural oak veneer

65 - ash veneer

67 - bleached oak veneer

53 - black oak veneer

leg and body finishing options

101 structural matte black color (RAL 9004)

102 structural matte snow white color (RAL 9003)

114 structural matte cream color (RAL 1013)