vind modules

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bookshelf: sky


colours: white (RAL 9003)


Drawer module vind - accessory for the sky rack

Drawers for the sky rack - a practical accessory

drawer modules vind

Practical drawer module is an integral part of Sky shelf system. If it is necessary, the drawers can be purchased individually or with a bookshelf. Sky system is unique by virtue of its minimalist style as well as absence of visible joints. The same features can be found in vind module whose clever construction allows you to mount it wherever you wish. This can be done without any bolts or screws. If necessary, it can be easily moved to another place. This in turn will allow you to create your own arrangements in your living space.

Shelving modules consists of two drawers, made of hardwood plywood, covered with acrylic paint for wood.

Technical information

drawer module vind

Kinga Smardz-Gawłowska

height: 350 mm
width: 575 mm
depth: 375 mm



hardwood plywood, thickness of the front 9 mm, body thickness 15 mm, acrylic matt paint

white, black, grey


time limit for completion:
4 – 5 weeks