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vogel desk S
vogel desk S Sale priceFrom €625,00
Rise desk that grows with your child
Rise desk that grows with your child Sale priceFrom €683,00
vogel desk L
vogel desk L Sale priceFrom €1.047,00
vogel desk M
vogel desk M Sale priceFrom €907,00
Flow desk
Flow desk Sale priceFrom €730,00
skog desk
skog desk Sale priceFrom €848,00
elg desk
elg desk Sale priceFrom €848,00
fjord desk
fjord desk Sale priceFrom €848,00

Wooden desk with Vogel drawers

Do you want to create a work corner at home? Or maybe you want a designer dressing table ? The Vogel wooden desk is a model designed with a classic style and practical use in mind. It is distinguished by sloping drawers where you can hide your favorite trinkets or documents. It will also work great as a children's desk . We have as many as seven colors at your disposal, each of which will find something for themselves. It is not only a work desk , but also a perfect element that will distinguish your interior. This is due to the simple structure and the use of natural wood . Due to its unique structure, the smaller version of the Vogel desk with drawers will work great even in small rooms.

Skog desk - a must have in a Scandinavian interior

Do you want a work desk that will emphasize the character of your interior? The skog model is dedicated to people who want to emphasize their individuality and visually enlarge the space. The minimalist style Skog desk is carefully thought out, and its design was even appreciated during the Łódź Design Festival 2017 . The eye-catching natural oak countertop is made of selected materials. The original element of the designer desk are metal legs with a unique arrangement. The white Skog desk will brighten up your room and add a bit of aesthetic finishing. If you want a different shade, check out our e-sample and create your own version.

Designer elg oak desk

The real gem of our designers is the Elg Scandinavian-style desk . It is a combination of a minimalist design and an oak countertop , which proves not only its solidity. First of all, it looks natural and stylish at the same time. Also noteworthy are the slanted metal legs , which you can adjust to the character of your interior. The elg designer desk will add harmony to your room. This will translate into incredible pleasure while working and relaxing.

Desk in minimalist fjord style

Minimalism , style and simplicity - this is how the fjord designer desk can be described in a few words. The designers focused on every detail to make the effect truly delightful. Thanks to this, the minimalist fjord desk is a real work of art that can fill your interior. This model is created for people who love symmetrical solutions and want to ensure peace and concentration while working.

our collections

Amsterdam collection.

The capital of the Netherlands is the inspiration for our latest collection. For many, Amsterdam is associated with the play of colors and this is also our collection. The proposed furniture is ideal for small spaces, and due to well thought out functionality can fulfill various functions. It all depends on your needs. “All in one” is the leitmotif of this collection. Simple lines and slender proportions will perfectly fit into the space creating a stylish interior. We are still faithful to natural materials. Also in Amsterdam you will find a piece of furniture made with attention to every detail, in rich colors.

see the Amsterdam. catalog.

see the Amsterdam. collection

Oslo collection.

Oslo collection. are simple connections based on the warmth of precious wood with cool metal. Each piece of furniture is characterized by its specific form and incredible attention to detail, which has already become a special mark of our brand. The use of invisible connections between wood and metal and the lack of ornaments, allowed to create furniture characterized by clean form and optically light appearance.

see the Oslo collection catalog.

see the Oslo collection.

Scandinavian style desks

What spaces do they fit into?

Recently, the so-called Scandinavian style has become very popular. There is nothing strange about this, because it is a very simple style that gives lightness and neutrality to any interior. Thanks to this, it fits perfectly into both minimalist, modern and more expressive spaces.Scandinavian-style desksare perfect for anyone looking for timeless solutions that everyone will like. It is worth choosing at least one such model.

A Scandinavian style desk for everyone

If you're still wondering whether Scandinavian style is for you, the answer is yes! Such neutral furniture, made of high-quality materials, will certainly pass the test and will be irreplaceable. It is especially worth paying attention to the very delicate and subtly finished desk presented in our collection. The Scandinavian style will certainly appeal to everyone, also because it is very simple to arrange. Just add a few interesting accessories to give the whole thing a completely different character and expression. Such a desk can be left in its raw state, but also combined with unique accessories that will emphasize its style.

Scandinavian desk in various sizes

What's more, such a Scandinavian desk is available in our offer in various sizes, which means that there should be no, even the slightest, difficulty in fitting it to the space you have. All these sizes are divided into three, namely S, M, and L desks. Moreover, such desks have a very designer character. Although they look completely minimalist, they actually hide many surprises, such as spacious drawers that will allow you to store the most important accessories that may be necessary when using the desk on a daily basis.

Scandinavian-style desk made of oak wood

Our real gem and pride is certainly the Scandinavian-style desk , which is made entirely of oak wood. Our unique elg model is a combination of a minimalist style that goes with everything, with the durability of oak wood. Thanks to this, the whole thing is stylish, natural and durable. Additional reinforcements mean that this is a desk that will last for many years and will be perfect for any situation! It is certainly a beautiful addition to any interior and is worth paying attention to!