slott bookshelf

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wood: 5 - natural oak


metal: 114 - creamy textured paint RAL 1013


Main features slott bookshelf

TIMELESS FORM – The Slott bookcase design is the result of combining functionality and aesthetics in a modern version. The geometric form and minimalist colors perfectly reflect the trends of the Scandinavian style, which can also permeate arrangements designed in other interior design styles. The Slott shelf is a piece of furniture for any room.

ADDITIONAL SPACE – The Slott shelf is distinguished by its simple design, which adds functionality to the interior. Thanks to perfectly spaced spaces between the shelves, you can easily use it as a bookshelf, a toy shelf or a place to store documents in your home office. The 360-degree form of the furniture allows for any arrangement, which significantly increases the arrangement possibilities and increases the functionality of the furniture.

Scandinavian style of slott shelf – natural design

Raw beauty. The slott shelf resembles the shape of the towers and battlements of Norwegian fortresses.
Natural wood and light profile construction will fill your home interior with extraordinary functionality.
"Slott" means "castle" in Norwegian, and the slott shelf is a reflection of Scandinavian simplicity and perfection, which create a symbol of chivalric nobility.

A combination of metal structure and natural wood shelves

The use of natural oak wood and steel construction guarantees many years of use without fear of damage. A big advantage is the invisible joints, which further emphasize the perfect fit of each element.

they write about the slott shelf

Kasia Bobocińska

“There is a lot of metal and wood furniture on the market, but most of them did not encourage me to buy it. They were either too heavy, or too raw and not carefully finished. What distinguishes the borcas brand is attention to detail. You only need to look closely to see significant differences: the furniture fits very well and none of the joints are visible.”

Technical information

slott bookshelf

Kinga Smardz-Gawłowska

height: 1855 mm
width: 600 mm
depth: 430 mm



natural oak,thickness15-17 mm,mattvarnish/oil

filled rod

RAL 1013powder coated


time limit for completion:
4 – 6 weeks



5 - natural oak

51 - natural oak veneer

67 - bleached oak veneer

7 - bleached oak

metal finish options

101 - structural matte black color (RAL 9004)

102 - structural matte snow white color (RAL 9003)

114 - structural matte cream color (RAL 1013)