Furniture in the scandinavian style

Furniture in the scandinavian styleThe Sevilla collection

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The capital of the Netherlands is the inspiration for our latest collection. For many, Amsterdam is associated with the play of colors and this is also our collection. The proposed furniture is ideal for small spaces, and due to well thought out functionality can fulfill various functions. It all depends on your needs. “All in one” is the leitmotif of this collection. Simple lines and slender proportions will perfectly fit into the space creating a stylish interior. We are still faithful to natural materials. Also in Amsterdam you will find a piece of furniture made with attention to every detail, in rich colors.

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see the Amsterdam. collection

Berlin collection

The Berlin collection consists of designs that stand out for their originality and unique design. Natural oak wood has been combined with bent metal to create forms with interesting shapes. This combination harmoniously harmonises with each other, creating furniture which you can easily arrange in any space. The Berlin collection combines avant-garde style with a response to the need for functional furniture. You no longer have to decide whether you are more interested in a designer interior or practical solutions, because with this furniture you get both. Plus, each design has been crafted with artisanal precision. Our aim is to create beautiful furniture based on traditional methods, but responding to contemporary needs and trends. We are pleased to introduce you to the Berlin collection - unique and distinctive, yet durable and multifunctional.

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Oslo collection. are simple connections based on the warmth of precious wood with cool metal. Each piece of furniture is characterized by its specific form and incredible attention to detail, which has already become a special mark of our brand. The use of invisible connections between wood and metal and the lack of ornaments, allowed to create furniture characterized by clean form and optically light appearance.

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