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wood: 5 - natural oak


Main features of the console:

Multiple Storage – You have multiple places to organize your space and store everyday items.

A visually light shape – the piece of furniture is designed in such a way in order to diversify your interior and not disturb its order even when storing many items.

Two variants of settings – you have two assembly options at your disposal, depending on what your hall looks like. Both the round tray and the drawer can be on the left or right side.

Durable structure – all wooden elements are made of oak, which translates into their durability. The structure is also stable, so you don’t have to worry about storing heavier things, such as books or flower pots with plants.

Construction that is properly assembled with screws – the hall console is delivered you in a flat package. Inside you will find a manual, thanks to which you can assemble the furniture in no time.

Functional hal wooden console – not only for the hall

You can place the hall console even in a narrow hall, because it does not take up much space. This is an additional storage space, as well as a perfect place to put decorations. Wooden furniture will also fill the empty space between the kitchen and the living room or bedroom. The appearance of the console is modern and designer, so it will diversify your interior.

Lots of storage space

The shelf on the lowest level is a perfect place to put boxes, baskets and organizers. The upper part is a place for smaller items, including keys and glasses. You can hide important documents or a wallet in a compartment with a drawer.

Functionality goes hand in hand with design

Note the body of the hal wooden console, which is visually light. It has been designed in such a way that even after arranging everyday objects, it does not visually overwhelm the interior.

Hal wooden console – the perfect place to store

Tidied space in each apartment is the key to the harmony, order and aesthetics of the entire interior. That is why we have created a hal wooden console, which is great for the hall, but not only. This is one of the unique pieces of furniture from the Berlin collection, which symbolizes a return to the Bauhaus design and aesthetics. You have many storage options – both on the top shelf and on the bottom shelf. In addition, you also have a storage compartment with a drawer at your disposal.

There you can hide small items such as keys or business cards. The round stand, on the other hand, is a great place to put your favorite plant in a pot or other decorations.

The hal console is not only practical, but also has a unique structure in solid oak wood and bent metal tubes. You have a choice of two color variants – oak wood in a natural version and deep black. It all depends on what visual effect you want to achieve. The entire structure of the hall console, however, gives it a visual lightness. Even if you store a lot of items there, it will still have a decorative function.

“I wanted to design a console that would allow to organize the space and items that usually appear in the corridor. It is a piece of furniture that we come into contact with immediately after entering the house. It is perfect for storing things that we do not need in other rooms.”

Technical information

hal console

project :
Agata Nowak

dimensions :
height: 855 mm
width: 1036 mm
depth: 400 mm



console shape:
natural oak, thickness 15 mm, half matt varnish

bent metal tubes, thickness 18 mm

color of legs:
black matt paint


time limit for completion:
4 – 6 weeks

delivery time:
DB Shenker 1-3 days
UPS 1-3 days
DPD Polska 1-3 days

The service of delivering palletized parcels is subject to an additional fee.



5 – natural oak

9 - black oak

leg finishing options

matte black paint