Wood – what do you need to know about it?

If you decide on borcas furniture, you must know that it is made of natural wood that comes from local suppliers. Regardless of which variant or color you choose – each structure is maximally stable, timeless and solid. We don’t have to convince you that the wood is beautiful and gives 100% natural character. It is worth mentioning, however, that each piece is unique. See what characterizes the first class of wood that we use in the production of furniture.

Are there any differences possible in wooden furniture?

If you place two vogel desks from our offer next to each other with a wooden top, you may notice subtle differences in their appearance. It all depends on the conditions under which the tree has matured and how its structure looks. The naturalness of wood translates into subtle changes in its rings or shades.

What determines the color of the wood?

Each wooden piece of furniture can be oiled or varnished. After all, the color of two identical surfaces may be slightly different. The color of the wood depends on many factors, including the climatic conditions in which it matured. No worries – we guarantee you that the natural color of the wood translates into its elegance, timelessness and uniqueness.

Can wood change its structure?

Wood is a noble material, and the conditions in which it grows and lives affect its appearance. Factors such as temperature, sunlight or humidity can translate into small changes in the structure, e.g. cracks or surface smoothness. This is a natural process, so remember to regularly maintain and care for wood.

What is the difference between class A and class B?

First of all, small black knots are visible in class A. There may also be slight changes in the structure, i.e. subtle cracks or rings with elements of gloss. They testify to the nobility of wood. Cores and resin are also visible on the furniture, but there are not many of them. In addition, there are few hypertrophy and blue stains.

In class B, knots may appear, which fall out from the side of the board, and the cracks are more visible. The same applies to the core and resin. The characteristic stripes testify to the bruising that is allowed in this class of wood.

It is worth mentioning that the cracks that appear along the wood fibers are natural and beautiful. In turn, subtle discoloration or gloss perfectly reflect light and complement the unique appearance of the surface. Patterns that are in harmony with nature guarantee the timeless appearance of the furniture for a long time.

All borcas furniture is available in A / AB wood.
Wood supplied from FSC Certificate suppliers.

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Natural oak, ash, or maybe an European walnut? Check our e-template and decide for yourself what your dream furniture should look like. In borcas we value close cooperation with the client, which is why you have the option of choosing your finishing variant. In the e-template you will find many types of natural wood, as well as metal finishes and paints. Do you have another idea? No problem, we are waiting for your contact and we will be happy to help you in creating a variant that will fully meet your expectations!

choose yours variants of finishes

Variants of furniture finishes

borcas brand template

solid wood

5 natural oak

7/1 delicate bleached oak

7/2 bleached oak double layer of stain

7/3 bleached oak single layer of stain

21 antigued oak

9 black oak


51 natural oak

67 bleached oak

52 antigued oak

53 black oak

55 knotty oak

71 walnut

65 ash

matt paint

F111 black matt paint (RAL 9004)

F112 white matt paint (RAL 9003)

F115 green matt paint (RAL 6005)

F116 night blue matt paint (RAL 5022)

F117 blue matt paint (RAL 5024)

F118 mint matt paint (RAL 6021)

F119 grey matt paint (RAL 7038)

F120 burgundy matt paint (RAL 3005)

F121 black matt paint (RAL 9004)

F122 white matt paint (RAL 9003)

F123 black BLK 3.0

Rise desk matt paint

F130 olive (RAL 140 20 20)

F131 yellow (RAL 075 70 70)

F132 orange (RAL 2012)

F133 Fernblau (RAL5023)

F1134 cashmere (RAL 060 80 20)

Rise desk laminate

Olive Detour

Boxcar Blonde

metal finish options

101 structural matte black color (RAL 9004)

102 structural matte snow white color (RAL 9003)

105 structural metalic steel color

114 structural matte cream color (RAL 1013)

121 structural matte red color (RAL 3020)

134 structural metalic anthracite color

142 structural metalic brown color

lamp colors

101 structural matte black color (RAL 9004)

106 structural matte grey color (RAL 7035)

130 structural matte navy blue color (RAL 5011)

140 structural matte mint color (RAL 6021)

150 structural matte mustard color (RAL 1032)

Mosai and Savia tables finishing

140. Cream RAL 9001

141. Pearl Yellow RAL 070 70 40

142. Brown Red RAL 3011

143. Shady Grey RAL 200 60 05

144. China Green RAL 210 40 15

145. Steel Blue Grey RAL 250 40 15

146. Mild Orange RAL 060 80 30

147. Graphite Black RAL 9011