Savia Medium Table

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Tabletop color: 140. Cream

Tabletop color

Leg color: 05. Natural Oak

Leg color

Main Features

DURABILITY - The combination of solid oak wood and an innovative tabletop protection method ensures the longevity and pristine appearance of the furniture for many years.

DESIGN - The original and bold tabletop design harmoniously complements the classic wood. The gentle fusion of two seemingly contrasting elements brings the much-needed balance to the interior.

HANDMADE - The artistry of handcrafting wood gives the Savia table its uniqueness. Precision in details ensures you can enjoy the best quality every day.

VERSATILITY - The Savia medium table can serve as a coffee table, a side table, or even a children's table - its use and arrangement depend solely on your preferences.

Savia Medium Table - Add a Designer Accent to Your Interior

The latest Sewilla collection also includes the Savia wooden table line, available in three sizes. The Savia Medium table design is our response to the need for finding a balance between a striking, designer look and a functional size that fits well in any interior. This table can easily be arranged in any room according to your vision – it can serve as a coffee table in the living room, a place for shared games and activities in your child's room, or even a versatile piece for various uses. The versatility of the Savia table harmonizes with its designer appearance, making it a highly adaptable piece of furniture for your home.

Quality and Durability Combined with Decorative Looks

What sets the Savia wooden table in medium size apart is its unique tabletop shape. The wavy irregular edge, combined with the wooden round legs, gives the table an extraordinary look. It's a perfect piece if you're looking for a decorative accent that will emphasize your individual style and character in your interior. The unique shape, along with eight available color variants, allows you to match the Savia Medium table to various interior design styles – from the energetic and surprising Memphis style to the multidimensional eclectic style, bold contemporary style, or even a boho style.

However, this is not just a decorative piece. The Savia table from the Sewilla collection is also a very practical piece of furniture. Its stable construction and tabletop made of durable MDF provide a comfortable seating or usage area. In this collection, we've introduced an innovative solution – protective foil that safeguards the tabletop of each table. The tabletop surface is now significantly more resistant to various types of persistent stains, scratches, or mechanical damage that usually occur during daily use. You don't have to worry that using this side table will result in a rapid loss of its aesthetic qualities. This solution ensures that you'll enjoy its perfect appearance for years.

Savia Table - The Craftsmanship in Every Detail

While preparing the design of the Savia Medium table, we remained faithful to our love for wood and excellent manual work. Every detail, no matter how small, has been meticulously crafted. The beautiful organic shape of the tabletop blends wonderfully with the table legs made of solid oak wood. The connecting element is simultaneously a decorative detail, and its execution emphasizes the uniqueness of the Savia Medium table. To ensure a stable structure, we opted for oak dowels with a diameter of 60 mm – legs designed and made this way give you the confidence that, regardless of how you use it, the Savia side table will meet your requirements.

"Bring Energy into Your Interior with the Savia Medium Table. This wooden table will not only provide a functional addition to your interior design but also serve as a decorative element that emphasizes your unique style. Pair two Savia tables of different sizes and create a designer space that ensures comfortable use during leisure and relaxation. The Savia table from the Sewilla collection offers a bold perspective on interior design while remaining closely attuned to your needs."

Ewa Półtorak

Technical Specifications

Savia Medium Table

Ewa Półtorak

height: 400 mm
width: 850 mm
depth: 480 mm

8 kg


Lacquered MDF, top surface covered with scratch-resistant foil

Solid oak wood, 60 mm thickness

Cream / Pearl Yellow / Brown Red / Shady Grey / China Green Blue / Steel Blue Green / Mild Orange / Graphite Black / Natural Oak


standard production lead time:
4-6 weeks

DB Shenker 1-3 days
UPS 1-3 days
DPD Polska 1-3 days


140. Cream RAL 9001

141. Pearl Yellow RAL 070 70 40

142. Brown Red RAL 3011

143. Shady Grey RAL 200 60 05

144. China Green RAL 210 40 15

145. Steel Blue Grey RAL 250 40 15

146. Mild Orange RAL 060 80 30

147. Graphite Black RAL 9011

05. Natural Oak