Savia Large Table

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Tabletop color: 140. Cream

Tabletop color

Leg color: 05. Natural Oak

Leg color

Key Features

DURABILITY – Wooden furniture is an investment in furniture that will last for years, and to extend its lifespan even further, we have applied a protective foil on the table's surface.

DESIGN – Departing from simple lines and introducing bold color schemes will fill your home with unique energy that you can enjoy every day.

HANDMADE – Handcrafted woodwork allows us to preserve an element of elegance and classic style, making the Savia table so captivating.

VERSATILITY – Despite its irregular shape and stable construction, the tabletop size ensures comfortable use in any room where you choose to arrange the table.

Savia Large Table - Add a Unique Accent to Your Interior Design

The Savia Large table is an extraordinary combination of functionality, designer expression, and artisan precision that will bring a unique character to your interior. The modern Sewilla collection showcases a line of Savia wooden tables, with Savia Large leading the way, also available in two smaller sizes. This table represents the harmony between exceptional design and practical application, perfect for any room. The main idea behind its design was to create a piece of furniture that not only functions well within an interior but also serves as a decoration.

Bold Design in a Classic Piece of Furniture

The uniqueness of the Savia table lies in its distinctive tabletop shape adorned with a wavy, irregular edge. The wooden round legs add elegance, creating an exceptional look that wonderfully emphasizes the individuality of your space. The Savia Large wooden table is not only an interesting decorative accent that infuses a sense of joy and positive energy into your living space, but it also fulfills the need for practical furniture. The sturdy oak construction and durable MDF tabletop come together seamlessly. Additionally, the innovative protective foil shields the tabletop from stubborn stains, scratches, and mechanical damage, preserving the aesthetic appeal of the Savia table for an extended period. Applying a protective surface to the tabletop reflects our commitment to creating furniture that retains its beauty and functionality over time, giving you more options. The Savia table can serve various purposes, from a coffee table in the living room to an auxiliary table in a child's room.

Savia Large - A Table That Adorns Your Home

Combining handmade craftsmanship with modern design results in a unique effect - the Savia Large wooden table from the Sewilla collection. We increasingly move away from minimalist, stark interiors, aiming to inject our own style and character into a space. With the availability of eight different color variants and the option to combine the Savia Large table with other types, you have the freedom to arrange your space as you see fit. No longer limited by your imagination, you can introduce bold and positive energy into your home, breaking away from conventional patterns. The handcrafted connection of wooden legs to the tabletop highlights the uniqueness of our furniture. Beautiful decor, an unusual shape, and a designer color palette make the Savia table both a decorative accent and a practical furnishing element.

"Your everyday environment, your home, is a space that allows you to relax. When planning a modern-style interior with elements of Memphis design, it's worth incorporating bold furniture that will infuse you and your fellow residents with positive energy. That's exactly what the Savia table is - aesthetic, original, functional, and comfortable to use."

Ewa Półtorak

Technical Specifications

Savia Large table

Ewa Półtorak

height: 320 mm
width: 887 mm
depth: 887 mm

12 kg


Lacquered MDF, top surface covered with scratch-resistant foil

Solid oak wood, 60 mm thickness

Cream / Pearl Yellow / Brown Red / Shady Grey / China Green Blue / Steel Blue Green / Mild Orange / Graphite Black / Natural Oak


standard production lead time:
4-6 weeks

DB Shenker 1-3 days
UPS 1-3 days
DPD Polska 1-3 days


140. Cream RAL 9001

141. Pearl Yellow RAL 070 70 40

142. Brown Red RAL 3011

143. Shady Grey RAL 200 60 05

144. China Green RAL 210 40 15

145. Steel Blue Grey RAL 250 40 15

146. Mild Orange RAL 060 80 30

147. Graphite Black RAL 9011

05. Natural Oak