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Rise chair that grows with your child
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Hygrometer - natural humidity meter

An alternative to an electronic hygrometer is its natural version in the form of a green tick . This is a unique addition to your home that will not only liven up your interior, but also check the air humidity . Wooden cubes in a minimalist style subtly emphasize the character of the room. It can also be a great eco-gift for a loved one. Hygrometers will work well as desk accessories that will liven up the surrounding space. This is not the only offer from borcas . We also print or engrave to create a unique advertising gadget or gift for any occasion .

Designer gate frame with reindeer moss

Truly natural home accessories are those that bring peace and harmony to the interior. You can use the moss gate image in many ways. Hang it in a chosen place to create a natural wall decoration . Place it on a chest of drawers or a windowsill to diversify the interior with a green scratch . All you need to do is learn from our article how to care for moss moss and you will enjoy this unique interior decoration.

Sky shelf module

The vind drawer module is designed for the sky shelf . Your piece of furniture will gain a completely new look and become more practical. You can easily match the color of the drawer module to the shelf or create an impressive contrast.

Amsterdam collection.

The capital of the Netherlands is the inspiration for our latest collection. For many, Amsterdam is associated with the play of colors and this is also our collection. The proposed furniture is ideal for small spaces, and due to well thought out functionality can fulfill various functions. It all depends on your needs. “All in one” is the leitmotif of this collection. Simple lines and slender proportions will perfectly fit into the space creating a stylish interior. We are still faithful to natural materials. Also in Amsterdam you will find a piece of furniture made with attention to every detail, in rich colors.

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see the Amsterdam. collection

Oslo. collection

Oslo collection. are simple connections based on the warmth of precious wood with cool metal. Each piece of furniture is characterized by its specific form and incredible attention to detail, which has already become a special mark of our brand. The use of invisible connections between wood and metal and the lack of ornaments, allowed to create furniture characterized by clean form and optically light appearance.

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see the Oslo collection.

Scandinavian-style accessories - unique style and quality

Recently, many people have literally lost their mind for Scandinavian-style furniture and accessories. This is hardly surprising, because all of them are of truly excellent quality and made with great care. That's why they will be a perfect addition to any interior, regardless of its main style. Such Scandinavian-style accessories will perfectly fit both modern, boho, expressive and minimalist styles. Especially since their selection is really huge, and therefore even the most demanding person will choose something that meets their expectations.

Scandinavian accessories - modern hygrometer

A completely new product on the market is certainly a modern hygrometer, which makes quite an impression! Just look at it and you'll immediately understand why! When it comes to interesting and irreplaceable Scandinavian accessories , the hygrometer certainly attracts a lot of attention. First of all, it is a natural humidity meter, a natural addition that will liven up any interior, and at the same time check the air humidity and ensure that it is maintained at an appropriate level that is safe for humans. It will be a great addition to the bedroom, but also to the desk. It will instantly brighten up the entire interior.