skog desk

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wood: 51 - natural oak veneer


metal: 114 - creamy textured paint RAL 1013


What distinguishes the skog desk and why is it worth choosing?

Finishing materials – the skog desk is made of oak veneer, which comes from local, proven suppliers and combines perfectly with the legs of full steel. The worktop made of a blockboard can be renovated, so it will never lose its charm and functionality.

Desk personalization – adjust the size (width and length) of the furniture to the needs of your interior. The furniture can be subjected to any modifications while maintaining stability and safety of use. We have the ability to personalize the desk, i.e. create the desk you dream about.

Construction – optically light, minimalist and simple. You will not notice any connections or unnecessary decorations on it. In addition, in the package delivered by us, you have a piece of furniture ready for use.

Unique design and minimalist form – slanted legs made of full steel in a unique form, and a wooden top are a perfect combination. On the desk you will find only steel dots that only emphasize the stylish look of the structure.

100% satisfaction – thanks to our craftsmanship and natural materials, we create a solid and durable piece of furniture. We guarantee that you will be delighted

Designer desk in the Scandinavian style skog - A Must Have

Combining a natural oak top with metal legs

A skog desk that impresses with its simplicity

The minimalist design and optical lightness are the main advantages of the skog desk, thanks to which you will not pass by indifferently. This wooden piece of furniture will delight you with its simplicity and perfect finish. You will not find any unnecessary decorations here that can disturb the balance and harmony of your interior. The skog desk will change the look of your room and add a stylish character to it. The minimalist form of a wooden desk has been appreciated not only by our clients, but also by the lovers of a good design. The furniture received the Must Have award at the Łódź Design Festival 2017. It is a great honor for us.

A solid wooden desk that will last many years

The skog desk is not only a beauty in itself due to its stylish design, but also a solid wooden furniture that will last for years. This is due to our craft work, as well as carefully selected materials. The table top is made of a wooden blockboard veneered with natural oak, which ensures its stability and durability for a long time. And after a few years, you can easily renovate it and refresh its appearance. The metal slanted legs made of full steel and the wooden top are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely durable. Did you notice the characteristic steel dots? Thanks to this, the desk looks even more stylish and unique.

How will you arrange a space with a skog desk?

With the skog desk, you have many options for arranging space. First of all, the unique design adds a stylish character, regardless of the purpose. Treat them as a home workspace or a place to fulfill your interests. If you find that your desk should be longer or smaller and narrower

they write about the skog desk

Anna Dominik

“The geometric form of the desk makes me think of a spider, and although I am terribly afraid of spiders, I am absolutely not afraid of this wonderful piece of furniture with bent legs. What's more, I'm delighted with its simple, minimalist form with a "claw". The possibility of ordering the desk in various finishes, for example ash or oak veneer, is another advantage. The desk top with a beautiful wood pattern makes it impossible to take your eyes off it, and the three dots on both sides are a nod to originality and uniqueness.“

Technical information

skog desk

project :
Kinga Smardz-Gawłowska

dimensions :
height: 770 mm
width: 1200 mm
depth: 650 mm



naturaloak veneer,thickness30 mm,mattvarnish/oil

filled rod

RAL 1013 powder coated


time limit for completion:
4-6 weeks



51 – natural oak veneer

65 – ash veneer

71 – bleached oak veneer

53 - black oak veneer

leg and body finishing options

101 structural matte black color (RAL 9004)

102 structural matte snow white color (RAL 9003)

114 structural matte cream color (RAL 1013)