Save time and buy the furniture that are available immediately!

As a borcas brand, we realize that quick access to our furniture is the most important for customers. In this section you can see the models that are available immediately.

Why is it worth using furniture available immediately? You save time and you can immediately start arranging a new apartment or transforming your interior. You don’t have to wait long weeks for your order to be processed. You have at your disposal our flagship products as well as new products from our offer. You can also easily adjust the furniture to your expectations, taking into account the color and size.

The furniture is transported with the same care as it was created in our manufacture. We keep all safety measures during delivery straight to your door. In addition, we make sure that all our models from the collection are easy to assemble and require as little of your interference as possible. Inside of each piece of furniture you will find instructions that will help you get it ready for use in no time.

All our furniture is also stored in ideal conditions to ensure the right temperature and humidity. We know a lot about how to care of wood and other materials, so it is not a problem for us. We take care of every detail both when designing and creating furniture, as well as when storing them in our warehouse.


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noe shelving system - 3 shelves
noe shelving system - 3 shelves + partition wall
noe shelving system - 3 shelves + pet cabinet
Rise desk fernblau that grows with your child
oak vogel desk S 100 x 50 cm burgund