noe shelving system - 3 shelves + pet cabinet

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What makes the shelving system exceptional?

FUNCTIONALITY – the shelving system fits both microscopic rooms and spacious suites. This is because you have the option of choosing the configuration that best suits your needs.

UNIQUE DESIGN – a structure made entirely of oak wood translates into robustness, simplicity and versatility.

A PLACE FOR ANIMALS – four-legged friends can relax on one of the shelves. Thanks to this, the shelving system is not only a place to store, but also a place to rest for pets.

POSSIBILITY OF EXTENDING THE SYSTEM – at any time you can add another shelf, cabinet or lounge. When the needs for interior functionality change, the furniture will change with you.

Noe shelving system

If you value furniture designs that combine intuitiveness, functionality and aesthetics, Noe shelving system will attract your attention. It is made of oak wood, which is distinguished by nobility and timeless character. It also gives the entire interior a cosy character.

What is the Noe shelving system worth appreciating for? For the fact that you have many possibilities of configuring the furniture. It’s up to you how many shelves you end up with. This allows you to adjust the size of the rack to the needs of your interior. Slightly rounded sides and wooden pillars in the form of a roller fit properly to any arrangement.

The functional Noe shelving system

You can freely configure and change the Noe’s Rack in the way that suits you the most. A place to display accessories? A bookshelf? Or perhaps a pet lounge for your pet without which the space would be empty? You have many possibilities, and here are the accessories, which you can choose:

  • Partition wall – this is the basic element of the configuring the Noe shelving system. You can decide on your own how the shelves are to be divided. Symmetrical, maybe more avant-garde? The choice is yours. 
  • Cabinet – hide something cleverly in the shelving system, making the most of its potential.
  • A soft bed – this is a real gem in our accessories for the Noe shelving system. All this with your pets in mind. In practice, it is a pillow 30 x 60 cm finished with velvet fabric that is pleasant to the touch, malleable and also has increased resistance to pull-ups. You can dismantle it with velcro, and wash the upholstery material traditionally in the washing machine.
  • Hard lounge/pet cabinet – your pet can sit on the Noe shelving system and take an important place on it. With such an idea came this addition.
  • Glass showcase – highlight what is important, true and beautiful to you. The Noe shelving system is intended to be an integral part of your personal space, so you can place porcelain mugs, old photographic equipment or holiday souvenirs on it.

”Together with the borcas brand, we tackled the exciting theme of combining storage space with a pet bed and kennel function. It is a fully functional piece of furniture and, above all, a versatile modular shelving unit that can be expanded according to the user’s needs. With just a few repetitive elements, we can get many creative incarnations.The resulting system is visually appealing, made of solid wood, created for self-assembly and ready for shipping in a fatpack. It not only accommodates a large volume of books. It can be a glass tableware cabinet, a storage compartment for documents, a shelf for personal items and even a home for our four-legged friend. Noe’s lovely character fits in perfectly with current interior design trends.“

Technical information

size S – 3 shelves

Wojciech Mierzwa

height: 880 mm
width: 1200 mm
depth: 330 mm



natural oak, thickness19 mm, matt oil

natural oak , diameter 48 mm, matt oil

fastening plate:
black steel, thickness 4 mm


time limit for completion:
1 business day



5 – natural oak