Rise chair with yellow legs

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The main features of Rise desk

DURABILITY FOR YEARS – the use of natural wood guarantees that you get a furniture piece that will last for many years. The durability and resistance to mechanical damage sets wooden furniture apart from other children’s products and allows you to be confident in the quality of the product you purchase.

HANDMADE EXECUTION – handcrafted woodworking ensures the precise finish of each piece. Additionally, thanks to our craftsmanship, we carefully inspect all parts, thus avoiding any defects.

TIMELESS DESIGN – our furniture designs are ergonomic and multifunctional. When manufacturing furniture, we are committed to making your everyday life more pleasant and beautiful.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – furniture is our passion, so we are happy to take care of you at every stage of your purchase. Let us know and we will share our knowledge and experience with you.

Timeless wood and sturdy design

Furniture made of wood brings a sense of warmth and a cosy atmosphere to a child’s room. In addition, it is an environmentally friendly and robust raw material with undeniable durability. The solid and stable construction and the appropriately designed joining of additional elements guarantee that the Rise chair is child-safe and will serve well for a long time.

Universal design – for boys and girls

When choosing the Rise chair, you get a timeless design that you can easily use in any arrangement. With its classic lines and simple form, it will blend in perfectly with the rest of the furniture in both a boy’s and a girl’s room. The screw-on elements are available in several colour variants, making it not just an ordinary chair but also an interesting decorative accent.

Rise chair with height adjustment

When designing the Rise chair, we wanted to create a furniture piece that would complement the desk in the collection. However, nothing prevents you from using the chair independently. The screwed-on components enable seat height adjustment up to three times. We know how quickly children grow and how important a correct sitting posture is for young bodies, which is why we recommend the chair to parents of pre-schoolers and first-graders.

“Rise – a chair that grows with the child, complements the desk from the same collection. We have made them in response to the needs of parents of pre-schoolers and slightly older children. The ability to change the chair’s height is a definite plus – you can adjust it to how tall your child is in a matter of moments. The minimalist design suits most arrangements, so you not only get a practical piece of furniture, but also a great addition to the décor of a child’s room.”

Ewa Półtorak

Technical information

Rise chair

project :
Ewa Półtorak

dimensions [mm] :
height: 570-710 mm
width: 330 mm
depth: 370 mm



natural oak, gr. 19 mm boards, matte varnish/oil

oak roller, diameter 35 mm, matte varnish/oil

leg color:


time limit for completion:
1 business day



5 - natural oak

leg and body finishing

F131 yellow (RAL 075 70 70)