oak kant wall shelf

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The main features of the kant wall shelf:

Easy assembly – you can easily fix the shelf without any problems, you just need to use simple tools such as a drill, spirit level and wall plugs included in the set. Installation consists in attaching a metal bracket to the wall, on which a wooden shelf should be placed. Magnetic holders are a great help, which will additionally make the self-hanging shelf stable and withstand even heavy loads.

Minimalist design – the wall shelf fits modern, including Scandinavian interiors. The simple design translates into its uniqueness. Such a wooden line on the wall will emphasize all what you put on it. The color of natural oak will warm your interior, and the shelf without visible fixings to the wall guarantees aesthetics.

Hand-made – the top of the shelf is made of the highest quality solid wood with a thickness of about 50 – 30 mm, and the fixing is made of steel. This translates into high strength, as well as simple and pleasant care of natural oak. It is a timeless material that can be renovated after some time.

Functionality – you can place a decorative candle, books, vase or a stylish speaker on the table top. The shelf is extremely practical, it will be perfect for the office, children’s room or bedroom.

100% satisfaction – our many years of experience translate into professional service, both before and after the purchase. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

A wooden shelf as a functional addition to any interior

The minimalist wall shelf will work in many rooms. You can successfully attach it in the living room, bedroom, hall or children’s room. It can be used as a flower shelf to bring a touch of nature into your interior, as well as a place for books. It will also decorate your office, regardless of its size.

Scandinavian style wooden shelf

The wooden shelf is a timeless proposition. It fits in with the latest design trends today, and will also be a perfect interior decoration in a few years. This is due to the wooden furniture that emphasizes the uniqueness of your rooms and complements them perfectly. Straight angles, delicate slants and oak workmanship translate into many possibilities when arranging the interior. Natural wood is perfect for the Scandinavian style, but not only.

Natural oak wood and metal fixings – a perfect combination

The wooden hanging shelf is stable and durable. This is guaranteed by the use of natural oak and metal fixings. The structure is extremely solid, so you don’t have to worry about loading the shelf with books, flowers or other objects. After a few years, you can renovate a piece of furniture and refresh its appearance. A wooden shelf without visible fasteners is the result of our craft work, in which every detail is of great importance.

Wooden shelf kant

This is a real natural oak shelf. You can put everything on it that you want to display in your home. Edges create a straight line, and natural wood will warm the interior with its color. The shelf has been designed to fit perfectly among other minimalist furniture and in modern interiors, where linearity and right angles are the basis of the arrangement. The characteristic undercut plays with the light and gives it character. However, it looks best on the wall with the same shelves, creating one coherent structure.

Combining them reveals to you a range of possibilities. What’s more, the clever, invisible wall mounting focuses our attention only on the shelf and its aesthetics, as well as attention to detail. Easy assembly and high load capacity will make it helpful not only in the home library, but also in the office. : KANT: It is not only an edge in Polish. In Scandinavian languages ​​(Danish, Norwegian, Swedish) this word means blade. It is the fold of the edge near the blade, or the end of a good ruler, that can resemble our shelf. KANT stands for linearity, the horizontal arrangement of a series of shelves and the minimalism of the form. It is an emphasizing object, but not a dominant one.

“While maintaining the character of the Borcas brand, we have developed a minimalist form of the shelf with an aesthetic, hidden fastening. Economical in form but giving unlimited composition possibilities. It can appear on the wall in the form of a linear row, an exploded group of shelves or individually, giving a functional aesthetic accent in the interior.”

Technical information

kant wall shelf

project :
Wojciech Mierzwa

dimensions :
length: 600 mm
width: approx. 200 mm
thickness: approx. 50 – 30 mm



solid natural oak, thickness approx. 50 – 30 mm, semi-matte varnish

steel, black color, powder coating, semi-matte.


time limit for completion:
1 business day



5 - natural oak