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Design pendant lamp ogen - change the mood of lighting

Point lamp with rotating bowls with a change in illuminance

designed for any room

Imagine that during long autumn evenings you need to create a mood using light, at which drinking tea is just a pleasure. The other day you organize a social event that requires more lighting. Discover a functional ceiling lamp ogen. All you need to do is to turn the shade and instantly change the mood of your interior. You can use a functional lamp in many ways, so you will not need additional lighting, e.g. in a living room or bedroom. It is also an excellent addition that you can match with both classic and modern arrangements. A simple structure adds charm to the lamp.

functional pendant lamp

Choose an ogen lamp with a unique design. It consists of an external shade and inner cover with perforation, which allows you to adjust the light. At your disposal are mustard , black, gray, mint and navy blue colors. What’s more, the ogen lamp has a 1.5-meter cable that you can shorten as needed. The lighting is fully safe, as it is fully certified by the CE mark and the recommended bulb E27 LED with 420 lumens.

see how to change the mood with the ogen lamp

The ogen lamp consists of two lampshades. With an external shade you set the direction in which it will shine. The inner diffuser has a perforation, thanks to which you can adjust the intensity of light depending on the time of day or the mood created.

The day will be set by the shade with visible perforation. The night, on the other hand, will be marked with an inner shade with a smooth to the touch surface. Changing the direction of the lamp and determining the time of a day is very simple and you do not need any instruments for this operation. Have a look!

Technical information

ogen lamp

Agata Nowak

height: 155 mm
diameter: 144 mm


source of light

limitation of the light source:
E27 max. 60W

recommended light source:
LED with E27 diodes 420 lumens

light source included:


external diffuser:
steel sheet , thickness. 1mm

internal diffuser:
steel sheet with perforation Rv 3-4, thickness 1mm

color of lenses:
black (RAL 9004)

polyester braided cable, length 1.5 m


time limit for completion:
1 business day

color of the ogen lamp

101 structural matte black color (RAL 9004)

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