New in the borcas offer – flow desk

We combined craftsmanship , passion for minimalism and functionality to create a unique flow desk . The new product in our offer appeared for a simple reason. This is a response to the real needs of our customers who value practical solutions in their interiors. What guided us when creating the flow desk? Who is responsible for the project?

Marcin Gawłowski is responsible for the design of the flow desk, for whom the needs of the household members are the most important. This fits perfectly into the idea of ​​minimalism. You can place the flow desk even in a narrow room because it does not take up much space. It is an additional place to work and a perfect space to maintain an atmosphere of concentration and peace. The piece of furniture made entirely of oak wood will be perfect in the living room or bedroom. The appearance of the desk is modern and designer, so it will diversify your interior. In addition, there are 3 body variants to choose from: black matt, white matt and BLK 3.0.

The combination of natural materials and minimalist form translates into a timeless piece of furniture.

The designer himself, Marcin Gawłowski, says about the flow desk:

“The flow desk is intended to harmonize with the space, and when you use it, nothing should distract your attention. Matte, smooth finish, rounded edges, quiet drawers, all to provide us with peace and an atmosphere of concentration. After work, they are easy to organize in spacious drawers that appear during work.

What distinguishes the flow desk is the impression of levitation of the tabletop.

The Flow comes in several colors, including a deep black known as BLK3.0 by Stuart Semple. It is one of the blackest colors in the world. Separating the top and legs with the BLK3.0 color is definitely an unusual sight, stimulating the mind to creative work.

The flow desk is one of our minimalist furniture proposals that are intended to fill empty space and be functional. This idea has been with us since 2015, when our factory began to operate dynamically in the design and interior industry and, as a result, receive many distinctions and awards.

dimensions :

height: 780 mm
width: 1000 mm
depth: 500 mm
weight: 25 kg

material :

top and drawer fronts: natural oak, thickness 19 mm, semi-matt oil
legs and drawer bodies: solid oak
drawers: solid oak 15mm
body color: white/black/full black BLK 3.0

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